free version

For companies with moderate billing levels

For companies that are just starting out and have a moderate level of billing, the free version allows you to bill with all the features available


E.FREE é uma versão do ERP ETICADATA sem qualquer custo de licenciamento.*

Managing your business has never been easier, more efficient… nor so “cheap”

Ideal solution to meet the needs of micro and small companies, helping them to grow based on the ERP ETICADATA.
E.FREE consists of the GCE BASIC modules: Purchasing, Sales, Stocks and Current Accounts, and the corresponding features, including processes based on the best management practices used by large companies.
As the business grows, companies can evolve to unrestricted versions and their transition will be completely transparent, since it is the same product.
Manage your company for free, with the tool used by thousands of medium and large companies.

Try it and start billing now without worrying about the investment costs of purchasing and updating your management software.

  • Modules GCE BASIC: Purchases, Sales, Stocks and Current Accounts.
  • Limited to one company per system.
  • Limite de volume de faturação anual ( somatório do total dos documentos de faturação, convertidos para a moeda base da empresa, num ano civil):

– Portugal: 35.000 EUR
– Angola: 20.000.000 AOA
– Moçambique: 2.000.000 MZN (MT)
– Guiné-Bissau: 18.000.000 XOF
– Cabo Verde: 3.000.000 CVE
– Colômbia: 130.000.000 COP
– Espanha: 35.000 EUR
– S. Tomé: 600.000.000 STD
– Guine: 18.000.000 XAF

Certified by the AT | Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira (Portugal).
Certified by the AGT | Administração Geral Tributária (Angola).
Installation, configuration and training costs not included.

* Solução válida apenas para novos clientes eticadata

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