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Proven experience with at least 1 year of actual work.
Great sense of responsibility.
Preferably professionals with experience in the area of management software (commercial, accounting, salaries,...).

Specialist in the Concepts of:

  • Objects / Classes Oriented Programming
  • Inheritance / Derivation of Classes and Interfaces
  • Layered Programming
  • Client / Server Programming
  • Relational Databases

Specialist in the field of Tools/Technology:

  • Windows Platform
  • Microsoft Office
  • Visual Studio – VB.Net and/or C#
  • SQL Server (Administration and use)
  • Reporting Services (preferential)
  • Web Technologies – ASP.Net, WCF, ASP.NET Web API, Html/CSS/JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Knockout
  • Professional use (about 2 years - preferential)
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